Record of Changes

Much like the record of changes required under the various management systems, this one is being implemented so that the myriad of changes on this site can be tracked.  There are many pages that are buried in the menus that do not stand out when they are updated or changed.

22 October 2016

  • Updating Near Miss Reporting page with studies and guidance from IMO, ABS, Chalmers University and others.
  • Added existing maritime near miss reporting sites/organizations to Near Miss Reporting page.

25 June 2016

  • Added and updated Bridge Resource Management, Unmanned Maritime Systems and Safety Culture pages.
  • Updated Safety/Incident Reports.
  • Updated miscellaneous other pages and Bookshelf.

06 April 2016

  • Added FAQ page.  The goal is to answer some of the questions that crop up in conversation and training that apply to safety, security and regulations in the maritime industry.

21 March 2016

  • Added Situational Awareness page under Safety.
  • Added Leading and Lagging Indicators page under Safety.
  • Added Behavior Based Safety page under Safety.

06 February 2016

  • Added recommended online training and podcast page.

06 January 2016

  • Removed “Digital Magazines.”  If there is a call for what had originally been envisioned as an easy access site for multiple sources, it will be returned.  It has received little traffic in the past few years.

26 September 2015

  • Added “Book List” with a variety of suggested books for a wide range of topics.
  • Updated “Digital Magazines” with most recent issues/editions.

26 July 2015

– Added “Bunker Safety and Efficiency” to Reference.  It includes links to P&I loss prevention information and a video on spill prevention.

20 June 2015

– Updated Digital Magazines

– Added “Safety4Sea Log” to Digital Magazines.  A compendium of information from around the maritime industry, it includes safety alerts, near misses and regulatory updates.  Published quarterly, it is a must-read for the maritime safety professional.

12 March 2015

– Added Medical/Sanitary section under Reference>Bookshelf.  World Healh Organization publications and MCA medical guide added.

– Added S/V Vestas Wind (Volvo Ocean Race) grounding report to Safety>Incident Reports.

13 February 2015

– Added UK P&I Project Cargo Matters and Project Cargo Matters Checklist to Loss Prevention>Cargo.

10 February 2015

– Added CIMSEC (Center for International Maritime Security to Links>Maritime Consultants and Security page.

08 February 2015

– Added Torres Strait / Southeast Asia Navigation Info to Reference.

23 January 2015

– Added Gyrocompass Theory and Operation video to Videos.

17 January 2015

– Added Pub. 229 volumes 1 -6, Nautical Almanac for 1981 (for testing purposes), Pub. 150 World Port Index, Radar and Maneuvering Board Manual and printable maneuvering board to Reference>Bookshelf.

– Added USCG Celestial Navigation course (older) to Navigation.

– Updated digital magazine links with new issues.

10 January 2015

– Added Classification Societies to Links.

– Alert! Issue 37 added to Safety>Alert! Bulletins.

– Alert! VODcasts page added to Videos.

– Health and Welfare section added.

15 December 2014

– Added various accident reports to Safety>Incident Reports

10 December 2014

– Added ICS Large Scale Rescue Operations At Sea Guidance to Reference>Bookshelf>Safety

21 August 2014

– Added ISO 4309 Cranes – Wire Ropes – Code of Practice for Examination and Discard to Reference>Bookshelf.

– Added MAIB safety alert concerning confined space fatalities onboard MV Suntis to Incident Reports.

– Added UK MCA Code of Safe Working Practices for Seamen to Reference>Bookshelf.

– Added E-Marine Education to Links>Training.  Based out of Turkey, it appears to have a lot of good information.

20 August 2014

– Added The Shipping and Freight Resource to RSS feeds.

– Added the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) to Safety page.

– Added Transport Canada (TC) guidance on Rail – Safety Management System Implementation, Rail – Safety Culture Checklist, Rail – Fatigue Management Plans and TSB report on the Lac Megantic crude oil train derailment to Safety Management Systems>Railroad and Aviation SMS Information.

.19 July 2014

– Added Chart No. 1 to Reference > Bookshelf.

07 July 2014

– Added The Swedish Club to Links > P&I Clubs.

06 July 2014

– Added American Practical Navigator (Bowditch) and Navigation Rules (COLREGS) to Reference > Bookshelf.

05 July 2014

– Updated “Digital Magazines.”

– Added to “Safety/Incident Reports.”

– Added TT Club to P&I club links.  An excellent resource for loss prevention material.

– Added page “Pocket Guides (Loss Prevention)” under Loss Prevention and Reference.  Excellent resource for conducting toolbox talks or safety briefs.

28 May 2014

– Updated “Loss Prevention” page with additional information on cargo.

– Updated “Bookshelf” with a variety of articles/links.

– Created “Navigation” page under Loss Prevention.

21 May 2014

– Added “Root Cause Analysis” page.  Check out the “Mini Guide to Root Cause Analysis” provided by QM&T.

-Added “ISM & ISPS Pocket Checklist” to the Bookshelf.  It’s a good way to catch the low-hanging fruit that might trip you up with a PSC inspector.

20 May 2014

– Updated Digital Magazines with current issues.

– Added “Safe Passage : The Straits of Malacca and Singapore” and “IMCA : Safe Lifting Operations” to the Bookshelf.

– Added “PMHSA : HAZMAT Awareness Placards” to Safety Videos and Hazardous Materials pages.

– “Towing Vessels” page updated.

– “Project Management” page updated with link to Project Management for the Masses.

-“Risk Management” page updated.

03 March 2014

– Added “Cargo” page to Loss Prevention.

25 February 2014

– Updated “About Us.”

– Added IMO MSC circulars on recovery of persons from the sea and survival techniques

18 February 2014

– Updated Security page with contacts for IMB Piracy Reporting Centre, MSCHOA and ReCAAP.

– Added The Seamen’s Church Institute effect of piracy on seafarers study to Industry Reports and Studies and Security pages.

– Added Seamen’s Church post-piracy evaluation reference cards to Security page.

 – Updated Digital Magazines to latest editions.

15 February 2014

– Updated ISM page with link to ISM Code and information on implementation and auditing of the code

– Created “Maritime Industry Videos” page to highlight positive and informative videos about the industry

– Port State Control MoUs added to “Links” menu at Links>Port State Control>MoU (Memoranda of Understanding.  These sites are a great place to see what CIC (Concentrated Inspection Campaign) might be implemented where you are operating.  As new CICs are implemented, we will strive to update this site with that information.  The MoU detention lists are also a good example of what not to do – interesting reading.

– Updated “Security Videos” with commentary.

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