Encyclopedia of Ship Technology – courtesy of Wartsila

Best Practices

ICS Bridge Procedures Guide – 3rd Edition

ICS Bridge Procedures Guide ( link) -5th Edition.

MCA – Radio : Operational Guidance on the Use of VHF Radio and Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) at Sea (MGN 324 (M+F))

Safe Passage : The Straits of Malacca and Singapore

Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea (CUES) 2014 –

VHF UsemaddenMaritime

Bridge Instructions – The Swedish Club

Engine Room Instructions – The Swedish Club

Bridge Resource Management

TraFi Maritime : Co-operation On the Bridge

Japan P&I Club : Thinking Safety – Bridge Resource Management and Engine Resource Management

AMSA : BRM and Expected Actions of Bridge Teams in Australian Pilotage Waters

Bridge Instructions : Swedish P&I Club

Bridge Watchkeeping and Collision Avoidance – Japan P&I Club


Container Handbook – Cargo Loss Prevention

Safe Transport of Containers By Sea

Guidelines for Container Stowage and Securing Arrangements – 2nd Ed – Dec 2014 – Class NK

UK P&I – Project Cargo Matters

UK P&I – Project Cargo Checklist

Collision Avoidance

USCG – Navigation Rules – International-Inland

Taking Narrow Channel Collision Prevention Seriously To More Effectively Manage Marine Transportation System Risk – Craig H. Allen, Journal of Maritime Law & Commerce

Narrow Channel Discussion : South Express Ltd.

Bridge Watchkeeping and Collision Avoidance – Japan P&I Club

1310 – Radar Navigation and Maneuvering Board Manual

Maneuvering Board (printable on 8.5″ x 11″)


USCG – GMDSS Guide Booklet – 2019

Medical / Sanitary

MCA – The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide

WHO – International Medical Guide for Ships – 3rd Edition

WHO – Guide to Ship Sanitation – 3rd Edition – 2011

WHO – Handbook for Inspection of Ships and Issuance of Ship Sanitation Certificates


ENC Accuracy / CATZOC Chart

American Practical Navigator (Bowditch) – 2002 edition

U.S. Chart No. 1 – NOAA / NGIS

Nautical Almanac – 1981 (for training purposes only)

Pub. 229 – Vol 1 – Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation – Latitudes 00-15

Pub. 229 – Vol 2 – Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation – Latitudes 15-30

Pub. 229 – Vol 3 – Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation – Latitudes 30-45

Pub. 229 – Vol 4 – Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation – Latitudes 45-60

Pub. 229 – Vol 5 – Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation – Latitudes 60-75

Pub. 229 – Vol 6 – Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation – Latitudes 75-90

Pub. 150 – World Port Index

Pub. 151 – Distances Between Ports

The Navigator by the Nautical Institute – all issues

NGA Pub 105 – Pilot Charts – South Atlantic

NGA Pub 106 – Pilot Charts – North Atlantic

NGA Pub 107 – Pilot Charts – South Pacific

NGA Pub 108 – Pilot Charts – North Pacific

NGA Pub 109 – Pilot Charts – Indian Ocean

Voyage Planning


Port State Control (PSC)

UK P&I : ISM & ISPS Pocket Checklist

USCG : Marine Safety Manual Volume I

USCG : Marine Safety Manual Volume II : Materiel Inspection

Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) 2006


The Rigging of Ladders for Pilot Transfer

The Standard – Pilotage Bulletin – May 2016 – the ins and outs of pilotage in countries around the world.  Who’s liable and who’s responsible for what.  Another one of those sources that can be eye-opening.

TSAC : Prevention of Towing Vessel Crew Member Falls Overboard

MAIB – Bridge Watchkeeping Safety Study – 2004

UK MCA Code of Safe Working Practices for Seamen

ICS/ISF : Implementing an Effective Safety Culture

ICS : Large Scale Rescue Operations  At Sea – Guidance on Ensuring the Safety and
Security of Seafarers and Rescued Persons 

Safety Powerpoints : Atlantic Training

Proceduralizing Marine Safety – Procedures in accident causation : DMAIB

Safe Out, Safe Home : A Safety Guide for New Fishing Crew – The North of England P&I Association

Ship Construction

Ship Construction – 7th Edition (from Google Books)


USCG – Fishing Vessel Stability Reference Guide

Lifting Appliances

IMCA : Safe Lifting Operations

OSHA : Working in the Shipyard Industry : Rigging Process

UK P&I : Lifting Equipment – Shackles and other loose gear

UK P&I : Survey and Examination of Ships’ Lifting Appliances

Japan Club : Cranes, Their Operations and Reasons For Failure

ISO 4309 : Cranes – Wire Ropes – Code of Practice for Examination and Discard – NOTE : 1990 version.  New 2010 available.

PR-1708 : Lifting and Hoisting : Inspection, Testing and Certification – Petroleum Development Oman LLC (PDO)


Piracy Best Management Practices – BMP 4

The Human Element

MCA – The Human Element : a guide to human behavior in the shipping industry

Nautical Institute – Alert! – Mentoring

North of England P&I : Master Pilot Information Exchange

IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases

Surface Maintenance

Surface Preparation For Coating

Pub 49 – Guidance Notes on the Inspection, Maintenance and Application of Marine Coating Systems – 3rd Edition – 2007


WMO – Guide to Wave Analysis and Forecasting

Mariner’s Weather Guide to the 500-millibar Chart – Sienkiewicz/Chesneau – NWS

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