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Maritime safety has come a long way since the days of the Herald of Free Enterprise and the Exxon Valdez – and in some ways, it still has far to go.

There are new concepts afoot in terms of safety worldwide and it is time that the maritime industry took note.  Whether it be resilience engineering, human-organizational performance or any version of Safety II, 3rd Generation Safety or Safety Differently, there is much to be learned outside the maritime industry.

And much of it is about being human.

And regardless of the amount of automation involved, there’s humans involved at some level.

Our research focus is on the human aspects (soft or human skills), as well as the technical aspects and issues involved with operating on all sizes of vessels.  Our goal is to promulgate best practices for both the human and technical sides of operations with the intent to help everyone get home from sea with all their fingers and toes.



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