Decision Making

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Analysis of Decision Making on the Ship’s Bridge Based on the Recognition-primed Decision(RPD) Model

WANG Tai-hang;ZHENG Peng-jun;Faculty of Maritime and Transportation,Ningbo University;
Objective With the maritime industry having been the subject of relatively little human factors research,an exploratory study was conducted to investigate the decision making by captains on the ship’s bridge. Methods The ship’s bridge simulator in Ningbo University was used to assess decision making,communications and training requirements of novice and expert teams. Results Interview transcripts were mapped onto the RPD model and compared to communication and video data,indicating that novice captains may struggle to provide an account of events. This may be due to the pressure associated with their position and culture factors. Conclusion The potential for a decision- making oriented tool to support training is also discussed.

How do we prime our memory for better decision making??