Leadership and Management

STCW Table A-II-2

WMU – An analysis of leadership education and training in maritime education – Mori (2014)

Mission and Vision

TED Talks : Stanley McChrystal : Listen, Learn…..then Lead

Ted Talks : Simon Sinek : How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Ted Talks : Simon Sinek : Start With Why

Ted Talks : Simon Sinek : Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

Ted Talks : David Marquet : Turn the Ship Around! How To Create Leaders At Every Level

Inno-Versity : David Marquet – Greatness

Lee Cockerell : A plethora of leadership and business advice

Truly Human Leadership : Transforming lives through people-centric leadership

Man On a Mission : a blog dedicated to mission statements

Swinburne Leadership Survey : Index of Leadership for the Greater Good

The Brain

Emotional intelligence (EQ)


Leading People Older Than You – Lee Cockerell

Barry-Wehmiller / Bob Chapman

David Marquet

Drew Dudley

Start With Why

Aubrey Daniels : Aubrey Daniels International provides leadership development expertise and behavioral technology to improve your business and its culture.  The fundamental role of a leader is to motivate employees to deliver their best. Too often leaders apply management strategies that rely too heavily on negative consequences and not enough on positive reinforcement.  A scientific understanding of behavior enables leaders to see the business case for more positive management strategies. Such strategies drive higher rates of the desired behavior while creating a culture that attracts and retains high-performing employees.


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