AlphaTRAC helps people make crucial decisions that save lives, protect property, and preserve mission in crisis situations.

We work with our clients to provide decision-oriented planning, preparedness, and training solutions for:

  • Emergencies involving chemical, biological,radiological, nuclear and explosive hazards
  • Fireground management
  • Law enforcement
  • Disaster management
  • Terrorist events involving weapons of mass destruction
  • Full spectrum military operations
  • Post-combat/post-disaster stabilization and recovery

AlphaTRAC also provides a broad range of services supporting the management of crisis situations, focusing on:

  • Planning
  • Preparedness
  • Information/knowledge/lessons learned sharingand analysis
  • Response support
  • Crisis and decision-making psychology
  • Multi-media training and education
  • Accident analysis components of safety basisanalysis
  • Environmental assessments
  • Technology development


Keys to our success are over 20 years of experience, a broad range of technical competencies, and the advanced technologies at the core of each service.

AlphaTRAC was established in 1992 by experienced emergency management professionals.  A privately held, high-tech company, AlphaTRAC has grown to serve a national base of clients, including the Department of Energy; the Department of Defense; the Department of Homeland Security; other federal, state, and local governments; and private industry.

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An environment to create and deploy all-hazards incident simulation training

SimsUshare CTC is a training system for emergency responders to develop and enhance knowledge, skills and abilities in safely and efficiently managing all types of incidents. Customers can easily and rapidly create training simulations using their own photos and add realistic smoke, fire, and other effects that illustrate real or potential incidents, such as fires, hazardous material spills, natural disasters, road incidents, active threat scenarios, and industrial accidents. Simulations can be shared and deployed in a private environment or across the web as a virtual Command Training Center.

IFAC Proceedings – Systemic assessment of the effect of mental stress and strain on performance in a maritime ship-handling simulator (2010)

Emotions in simulation-based education-friends or foes of learning – LeBlanc-Posner (2022)

Simulators for Transportation Human Factors: Research and Practice – link to purchase

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