Go Phish…

Cybersecurity.  It’s much more than a buzzword.  Shipping companies, financial institutions and healthcare facilities have all been victims of hacking – whether it be ransomware, malware or data breaches.  While the larger breaches are the ones that make the headlines, there is a possibility that you have a potential attack in your inbox right now.

The email below was received over this past weekend and is a good example of a phishing attack.  This type of approach or attack is used to obtain sensitive information such as user names and passwords or account information that can then be used for malicious activities.

There’s a few things that made this email stand out to the receiver :

  1. Misspellings and poor grammar throughout the message.  Brands/companies are pretty serious about the image portrayed by their communications.  Anything less should be suspect.
  2. Referring to a password reset (in this case) or event that did not happen is a sign of a phishing email.
  3. Don’t click on embedded links!  They make take you to a cloned website to extract personal information or download malware.  If you question where the link might take you, “hover” your cursor over the link which should show you the web address to which it is linked.

Let’s be safe out there!

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