Cargo Safety Alert – Stowage of Lithium-Ion Batteries in Containers

A review of literature related to stowage of lithium-ion batteries onboard was conducted due to the increasing number of containers labeled as IMDG Class 9 UN numbers 3090, 3091, 3166, 3171, 3480, 3481, and 3536.  The Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS) distributed guidance in March 2023 with information and stowage recommendations for container vessels.  Specifically, it was recommended that, “Block stowage of containers carrying Lithium-Ion Batteries, or proximity to other containers carrying dangerous goods or flammable materials should be avoided.”

A vessel’s load plan was checked and block stowage of UN 3171 was found in several places on the vessel, whereas the CINS guidance recommends “domino planning.”  It is recommended under these guidelines that containers with lithium-ion batteries are stowed in locations where effective firefighting can be deployed in an emergency.

Additional Reading and Links

“Lithium-ion Batteries in Containers Guidelines” – C-SAR 101-A


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