International Association of Classification Societies (IACS)

Requirements concerning MOORING, ANCHORING AND TOWING

A1.1 Design of the anchoring equipment (1981)

A1.1.1 The anchoring equipment required herewith is intended for temporary mooring of a vessel within a harbour or sheltered area when the vessel is awaiting berth, tide, etc.

A1.1.2 The equipment is therefore not designed to hold a ship off fully exposed coasts in rough weather or to stop a ship which is moving or drifting. In this condition the loads on the anchoring equipment increase to such a degree that its components may be damaged or lost owing to the high energy forces generated, particularly in large ships.

A1.1.3 The anchoring equipment presently required herewith is designed to hold a ship in good holding ground in conditions such as to avoid dragging

Types of Anchors

The Standard – Standard Safety – Anchoring-Special Edition – October 2008

Gard – Limitations of a vessels’ anchoring equipment – 2010

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INTERTANKO – Anchoring Guidelines: A Risk-Based Approach – 2019

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