Bridge Resource Management

Blank at wheelThinking Safety : Bridge Resource Management and Engine Resource Management

Provided by Japan P&I Club

TraFi Maritime : Co-operation On the Bridge

Provided by Transport Safety Agency TraFi

What happens when all the bridge resources aren’t managed?  The Swedish Club asks you to imagine just that in their Monthly Safety Scenario, “Collision during port approach.”  How would you and your crew fare?  This might be a good exercise for that pre-arrival or pre-departure navigation brief.

Bridge (and for that matter, engine) resource management is a combination of art and science.  The resources are the tools, but how we combine it all is the art.  Even with all the correct paints on the palette, few of us could reproduce the Mona Lisa.  Leonardo da Vinci didn’t paint her on his first try, either.  It was after years upon years of practicing his art that Leonardo managed to do just that.  The moral of the story?  We won’t get to that masterful place where everything on the bridge just clicks the first time (or possibly the hundredth!), but you don’t get there without practice.  The day where you transit a stressful area and find it enjoyable, perhaps you will realize that not only do you have the tools, but are creating your own Mona Lisa.


North of England P&I : Bridge Resource Management Poster (above)

AMSA : BRM and Expected Actions of Bridge Teams in Australian Pilotage Waters

Bridge Watchkeeping and Collision Avoidance – Japan P&I Club

Bridge Resource Management 2.0 – Livingstone, Merrigan and Konrad (2019) 

Nautical Institute Seaways – Mental models in confined waters (2018)

CSMART – Bridge Organisation for Safe and Effective Operation – Hederstrom

NI Seaways – Graded Assertiveness-Captain I Have a Concern – December 2018

NI Seaways – The pros and cons of the conn – July 2019

Visual Scanning

Transnav – Scan Pattern for the Maritime Navigator – Hareide-Ostnes (2017)

NI – Seaways – Scanning: from screen to scene (2022)

SKYbrary – Visual Scanning Technique