Confined / Enclosed Space

ENCLOSED SPACE FATALITY(Master) No captions from TMTV on Vimeo.


Revised Regulations for Entering Enclosed Spaces Aboard Ships (Resolution A.1050(27)) – IMO

Guidelines to Facilitate the Selection of Portable Atmosphere Testing Instruments for Enclosed Spaces As Required by SOLAS Regulation XI-1/7 – IMO

Enclosed Space Entry and Rescue Drills – U.S. Coast Guard MSIB 005-16

SOLAS : Onboard Drills Required (extract)

Guidance / Best Practices

Nautical Institute : Mandatory Drills OR Reinforcement of ISM Code and SMS?

A Master’s Guide to : Enclosed Space Entry – The Standard

Enclosed Space Entry – Shipowners Club

Confined Space Safe Practice – IACS

Guidance on Enclosed Space Entry and Rescue – ICS


MODU Whittington – Enclosed Space Fatality – November 2018

MT Sharp Lady – Enclosed Space Fatality and Near Fatality – August 2013

MV Suntis – Multiple Enclosed Space Fatalities – May 2014

MV UBC Tokyo – Enclosed Space Fatality – June 2014

The Gard

Gard - Enclosed Spaces PosterGard - Dangerous Gases Poster






Gard Alert : Enclosed Space Training – December 2014

Gard P&I : A surveyor’s survival – August 2005

Gard P&I : Warning – Enclosed Spaces – Do Not Enter! – June 1999

Gard P&I : Confined Space Poster

Gard P&I : Dangerous Gases Poster

Gard P&I : Case Study : Entry Into Enclosed Space


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