Master’s Guides

All guides provided courtesy of the Standard P&I Club.

The Standard Club is a mutual insurance association, owned by its shipowner members and controlled by a board of directors drawn from the membership. The club insures shipowners, operators and charterers for their liabilities to third parties arising out of ship operations.

As seafarers, it is our job to be well-informed and up to speed on the latest trends and best practices.  Guides from a P&I club, such as these, are written by the people with the money at stake in marine incidents.  While they certainly have a stake, we are the ones who have our livelihoods and literally, our lives at stake.  The use of the guides below, as well as circulars and reports from other P&I clubs (see this blog’s main page), provide some insight into the concerns of the guys paying the bills after incidents.  It would behoove us to take heed and take a read.

A Master’s Guide to :

Shipboard Accident Response

Container Securing

Hatch Cover Maintenance – 2021

Berthing – 2021

Enclosed Space Entry – 2020

Ships’ Piping

Using Fuel Oil Onboard Ships

From ClassNK

ClassNK : Good Maintenance On Board Ships – Maintenance Checklist for the Master

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