Mooring Line Safety

Gard – Guidance to Masters – Mooring-Unmooring

SHK – Morraborg – Fatal Mooring Accident – July 2011

IADC – Safety in Mooring – June 2016 : More than your average “look out for the snapback zone” article, this piece takes a look at the human elements involved.  The theory of “chronic unease” as the polar opposite of complacency is an eye-opener.

Swedish P&I Club – Injury during mooring operation – Monthly Safety Scenario – July 2016 : The Swedish P&I Club publishes a Monthly Safety Scenario.  These are designed to be shared with your crew and discussed in order to highlight possible issues with YOUR operations or safety management system.  While this one is particularly gruesome as it contains the traumatic amputation of a limb, it is a situation that HAS happened in the recent past.  Take a read, discuss it with your crew and don’t be the next mooring line casualty.

Steamship Mutual – Risk Alert – Safe Mooring Practice

AMSA – Thinking Mooring Safety – September 2015

Gard - First Lines FirstGard - Are you snapback safe