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William George’s discussion about Chapter 1 of




Even Keel by Abhijith Balakrishnan is where you can listen to level headed conversations on anything maritime.  Seafarers talking about Seafaring and everything connected to it.  Available on iTunes here.





Embracing Differences

By Nippin Anand, Founder Novellus Solutions

“I believe in embracing differences. Views and perspectives that differ from ours make us anxious and uncomfortable. In my world, unpacking and understanding these differences can powerfully set us on a path towards learning and growth.”The podcast can be found here.



Leadership / Management


After spending more than 40 years in the hospitality industry developing skills and learning lessons in leadership, Lee Cockerell shares his thoughts and experiences on the Creating Disney Magic Podcast.  His books are excellent resources on management of personnel and time, as well as overall leadership.  The Creating Disney Magic Podcast is available on iTunes here.





Based on the book Golden Stripes, this podcast is for sharing real-life stories from the sea and your own leadership insights. I believe every person has something more than me, and has an unique story to tell. Like people around a campfire.





Situational Awareness

Dr. Richard Gasaway’s goal is to help you see the bad things coming… in time to avoid bad outcomes by improving your understanding of human factors, situational awareness and decision making under stress.  His website, Situational Awareness (SA) Matters focuses on first responders shoreside, but the principles of situational awareness are universal.  SAMatters Radio – the associated podcast is available on iTunes here.




DisasterCast Icon

Engineers make the news by designing cool things, building great things, or causing spectacular disasters.  Apollo 11 is famous for putting astronauts on the moon – Apollo 13 is famous for putting astronauts in extreme peril.  The Curiousity Rover landed on Mars.  The Mars Polar Lander crashed into Mars.  The Golden Gate bridge is a spectacular landmark – the Tacoma Narrows bridge was a spectacular failure.  There are place names hardly anyone would know except for the tragic events that happened there. Bhopal, Potters Bar, Chernobyl, Flixborough, Seveso, Fukushima.  This is a podcast about how not to be famous.


The Safety of Work icon

Do you know the science behind what works and doesn’t work when it comes to keeping people safe in your organisation?  Each week join Dr. Drew Rae and Dr. David Provan from the Safety Science Innovation Lab at Griffith University as they break down the latest safety research and provide you with practical management tips.





Pre-Accident Investigations icon

The Pre Accident Podcast is an ongoing discussion about Human Performance, Systems Safety, and Safety Culture.  This podcast provides insights and interviews with leaders in the “New View” of safety in organizations of all types.  Discussions with Senior Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Safety Professionals, and Workers about better operational understanding and learning.






Join the Safety Frontiers podcast from HabitSafe as we explore new ways of thinking about safety using different approaches to make systems more effective, strengthen safety culture, and take a deep dive into the discoveries and insights gained from neurobiology and brain research over the last 5 years