Risk Management

Australia – Risk & risk perception : A literature review (2004)

Marsh – The Black Swan: The Unexpected in Ports and Terminals (2016)


MCA – Leading for Safety

Risk Assessment Techniques

Risk Assessment : Bow-Tie Method

Step Change Risk Assessment Guide

U.S. Military Operational Risk Management (ORM)

U.S. Marine Corps Institute : ORM Manual

U.S. Navy : ORM Indoctrination Powerpoint

U.S. Coast Guard : ORM Powerpoint


USCG – ORM GAR Handout

 Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness Matters – An online resource, blog and podcast from Dr. Richard Gasaway.  Targeted primarily at first responders, there are a lot of good ideas we can use in the maritime industry.

High Consequence – Low Probability Events

NZ – Key Principles Marine Risk Management

Chatham House – Preparing for High-impact Low-probability Events

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