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The videos below depict an attack on the bulk carrier Avocet in the Indian Ocean early in 2011.  Unfortunately, the video taken from the helmet cam of one of the security team depicts only a very brief part of an encounter that occurred over 72 hours (Bloomberg – Shooting To Kill Pirates Risks Blackwater Moment).

Taken on its own, this video has been mis-interpreted by “experts” as portraying excessive force.  As noted in the linked Bloomberg article, security guards on the vessel has sighted weapons, including rocket-propelled grenades, on the approaching skiffs.  Such a sighting, as well as return fire from the skiffs gave ample reason to respond with a level of force necessary to stop them from approaching.

The video below is an example of what happens when civilized society sees what is necessary to stop an uncivilized act, such as piracy.  There are any number of people that will Monday-morning quarterback (pardon the Americanism) the actions of those on the front line.  While there are valid points, such as requiring a scaled escalation of force before resorting to lethal force, the characterization of these acts as criminal is certainly viewing the world through rose-colored glasses.

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