The Brain

The Triune Brain : The triune model of the mammalian brain is seen as an oversimplified organizing theme by some in the field of comparative neuroscience.   It continues to hold public interest because of its simplicity. While technically inaccurate as an explanation for brain activity, it remains one of very few approximations of the truth we have to work with: the “neocortex” represents that cluster of brain structures involved in advanced cognition, including planning, modeling and simulation; the “limbic brain” refers to those brain structures, wherever located, associated with social and nurturing behaviors, mutual reciprocity, and other behaviors and affects that arose during the age of the mammals; and the “reptilian brain” refers to those brain structures related to territoriality, ritual behavior and other “reptile” behaviors. (Source : Wikipedia)

Left vs. Right Brain : Ever wonder why you act the way you do (or why your children or co-workers act the way they do)?  Perhaps the side of the brain that is dominant might have something to do with it.  Check out this infographic provided by for some ideas.

NPR : The Teen Brain: It’s Just Not Grown Up Yet : Click below for the audio version

Frontal Lobes Development and Technology Use : The frontal lobe reaches full maturity around age 25, marking the cognitive maturity associated with adulthood. Arthur Toga, UCLA, found increased myelin in the frontal lobe white matter of young adults compared to that of teens.

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