The Human Element

Nautical Institute – Alert! – Mentoring

North of England P&I : Master Pilot Information Exchange

IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases

Human Failure Types – UK HSE

Just Culture – Human Behavior Navigator

Demystifying Human Factors : Practical solutions to reduce incidents and improve safety, quality and reliability – 2002

Improving Incident Investigation through Inclusion of Human Factors – 2002

Error Management

GWU – Cultural Aspects of Error Management – Weedn (2015)

WMU – The causes and prevention of human error contributing to maritime accidents in Tanzania maritime accidents in Tanzania – Fumbuka (1999)

Heuristics and Biases

Hindsight Bias and Narrative Fallacy – Barry Ritholtz (2018)

Board of Innovation – 16 Key cognitive biases that impact creativity and the innovation process

European Review of Social Psychology – How to Make Cognitive Illusions Disappear-Beyond Heuristics and Biases – Gigerenzer (1991)


Aviation Resources

Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) – SKYbrary

Safety behaviours: human factors for pilots 2nd edition – Australia Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

Human Factors in Incidents – Airbus

CRM Factors in Incidents – Airbus

Error Management – Airbus

Conducting Effective Briefings – Airbus

Safety Management Manual (SMM) – ICAO

Creating a Positive Safety Culture – IATA Asia Pacific

Crew Resource Management – This online tutorial is an abbreviated version and is a good resource of CRM related material for those interested in CRM and human factors education

ICAO – Investigation of Human Factors in Accidents and Incidents

Aviation Decision-Making (ADM)

FAA – Advisory Circular AC 60-22 : Aviation Decision-Making

FAA – H-8083-2 : Risk Management Handbook

PHAK – Chapter 2 – Aeronautical Decision-Making

Effective Aeronautical Decision Making

Complacency and Chronic Unease

RiskTec – Chronic Unease



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