Timber Cargo

IMO Code of Safe Practice for Ships Carrying Timber Deck Cargoes

Loadline Calculation Study (includes information on timber load lines)

Timber Load Line Markings

Ships engaged in the timber deck cargo trade are required to have a special set of Load lines known as the Timber Load lines. Such vessels shall comply with the Code of Safe Practices for Ships Carrying Timber Deck Cargo in construction and other requirements obtaining greater reserve buoyancy and lesser summer freeboard.

Timber cargo vessels will have a second set of Load Lines marked similar to the standard load lines positioned 540mm abaft the centre load line disc.

The letter marking of the timber load line are different and are prefixed by ‘L’ meaning ‘Lumber’.

LS – Lumber summer: – Its upper edge marks the summer salt water timber load line. It is situated at a specified level above the Plimsol line.

LW – Lumber Winter: – It is 1/36th of the lumber summer draft below LS.

LT – Lumber Tropical: – It is 1/48th of the lumber summer draft above LS.

LWNA – Lumber Winter North Atlantic: – It is at the same level as WNA.

LF – Lumber Fresh water: – It is situated above the LS by an amount equal FWA.

LTF – Lumber Tropical Fresh Water: – It is positioned above LT by an amount equal to FWA.

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