Blank Rome LLP – Not All Attorneys Are the Enemy

We’ve all heard the joke, “What’s it called when a bus with 100 lawyers goes over the cliff?”  The punch line, of course, is, “A good start.”  Whether it’s ambulance-chasers or <shudder> politicians, sometimes this joke has merit, but in the case of Blank Rome LLP, it appears the maritime industry may have an ally or, at the least, a good source of information.

Their articles have been seen in Maritime Reporter and Engineering News and on gCaptain recently, but did you know they have their own in-house monthly newsletter?  The January 2013 issue of Mainbrace includes the article on Jones Act issues in the offshore industry seen in the above-mentioned sources, but also includes an excellent article on the use of electronic navigation systems in litigation.  With the criminalization of the merchant mariner continuing on a worldwide basis, an understanding of our electronics as evidence is in our best interest.

Over and over, we are told that it is crucial to remain well-informed and educated in our chosen fields.  Madden Maritime strives to provide a wide range of information on the maritime industry from an equally wide range of sources such as Blank Rome LLP.  Stay tuned…..

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