Non-Verbal Communication : Is It a Myth?

For years, I have been preaching that 90% of our communication (actually 93% as noted in the video below) is non-verbal.  Coming from a family where non-verbal plays no small role in our communications, this is evident on a daily basis.  A medical doctor commented years ago that my wife and daughter could have an entire conversation without ever saying a word.  That certainly wasn’t a surprise to me.

What was a little surprising was the Youtube video below.  Take a look and keep an open mind.

Now, take a look at one of Napo’s videos.  Napo has been presenting safety videos for years – all without speaking a word.  Gestures?  Facial expressions?  Intonations?  Napo uses all these to get his point across.  Take a look and ask yourself, “Do I understand the message that is being transmitted?”  If so, perhaps Mehrabian wasn’t that far off in his theories – because Napo doesn’t use words!

Verbal or non-verbal, accurate communication is important in business, our personal lives and everyday actions.  Use of non-verbal cues – again, facial expressions, hand gestures, intonations, etc – adds tremendously to our message.  It can ensure the receiver of your message understands it fully – or – walks away with even more questions in their mind.

Let’s be safe out there – and communicate well!

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