Sunshine and watermelon reporting

Sunshine and watermelon reporting. Do we pick our metrics to ensure our dashboards are in the green? But, perhaps, our overall risk remains in the red?

A common metric for container terminals is moves/hour and is often touted in the news when a new record is attained. But what of other metrics that might have greater effects on wholistic risk? Metrics such as ship’s crew STCW rest hour violations due to continuous loadplan changes? Or the practice of “rumble stowing” which may lead to stack weight or lashing overloads? Is correct and thorough lashing of a vessel a metric or is it simply the speed with which a vessel is discharged and loaded?

“What gets measured gets managed — even when it’s pointless to measure and manage it, and even if it harms the purpose of the organisation to do so.”

– Simon Caulkin

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