Automation / Artificial Intelligence

Shone : Seafarer is one of the most hazardous job on Earth. Despite this, every day, men and women sail at sea to ship 80% of our consumer goods. We believe that Artificial Intelligence is the key to provide better work conditions to the amazing people who support the world’s trade and prosperity.

L3 ASV Global : Empowering organizations with our unrivaled expertise and experience enabling them to work autonomously at sea. 

Sea Machines : Sea Machines Robotics is a forward-looking, autonomous technology company that specializes in advanced control technology for workboats and other commercial surface vessels. Based in Boston and operating globally, the company is driven by a crew of mariners, engineers, coders and autonomy scientists.

Seeing Machines : Seeing Machines, (AIM: SEE) has over 15 years of research know-how, commercial application and proven expertise in intelligent face and eye tracking technology.

Headquartered in Australia and with operations in North America, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia Pacific, the company pioneers the development and commercialisation of proprietary algorithms and hardware that help machines interpret the human face and eyes in order to understand their state. This Core IP brings to life a range of technology applications that make devices and vehicles smarter, with the intelligence and ability to protect, enable and respond when intervention is required.

Affectiva : From an easy-to-use SDK and API, to robust solutions for automotive and market research, our Emotion AI is humanizing technology.

Proceeding with caution…

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