Dr Nicholas Mabbott (www.beyondmidnight.org/about-us/) shares his research insights on sleep and fatigue. Useful practical tips on when to sleep, dos and donts for shift work. He tells us how just by improving our sleep quantity and quality, we can become better leaders.


WMU – Ship First-Seafarers adjustment of records on work and rest hours – Baumler-Bhatia-Kitada (2020)

WMU – A culture of adjustment-Evaluating the implementation of the current framework on rest and work hours (2020)

AMSA Fatigue Guidelines – March 2020

NTSB Most Wanted 2019 – Maritime Fatigue

NIH – The Glymphatic System – A Beginner’s Guide – 2016

…and a new (to us!) article from Sidney Dekker, professor Griffith University in Australia.  His groundbreaking work on human error and safety has brought him worldwide acclaim.  A question raised by a student of his addresses fatigue as an ethical problem – read on :

The Ethics of fatigue

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) brings us the following guidance :

IMO MSC.1/Circ. 1598 Guidelines on Fatigue – January 2019

IMO MSC/Circ. 1014  Guidance on Fatigue Mitigation and Management


Adequate Crewing and Seafarers’ Fatigue : An International Perspective

MLC (Maritime Labor Convention) Title 2.3 Hours of work and hours of rest – Isle of Man

USCG NVIC 02-08 – Establishment of CEMS

USCG CEMS – Crew Endurance Management Practices : A Guide for Maritime Operations

CEMS Awareness Workbook – QSE Solutions

NOVA – The Sleep-Memory Connection

Freakonomics Podcast: The Economics of Sleep – Part I

Freakonomics Podcast: The Economics of Sleep – Part II

Courtesy of PBS WGBH


Courtesy of Cardiff University and Professor Andy Smith

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