Bottoms Up!

Definition of bottoms up


used as a toast or to tell people to finish their drinks” – Merriam Webster


Unfortunately, today’s headline is not a toast or urging others to finish their drinks, but a note that that the bottom of the container ship Maya is up after it capsized at the dock.  Also unfortunately, this is not the first feeder container ship that has wound up in this situation.

Over the past 12 years, 7 different incidents of feeder container vessels capsizing at the dock or shortly after sailing are listed below.  Only one comprehensive report, that of MV Deneb in Algeciras, Spain, has been identified from this list.  Why have these other incidents with loss of life, loss of vessels and loss of cargo not been addressed through official investigations and reports?

The loss of stability bringing about these capsizes has largely been caused by incorrect loading of cargo on deck.  In the case of MV Angeln in 2010, it has been reported that the chief officer specifically informed the master that the vessel could not be loaded properly to provide adequate stability.  That this continues to happen indicates that the necessary root causes are not being identified and disseminated.

3 years ago, an article, “Are we fools?” was published on gCaptain.  It concerned the latest (at the time) capsize of a feeder container vessel.  The very last line was, “When, where and who do you think will be the next to capsize?”  The same could be asked again.

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  1. As long as they allow rumble stow of non-vgm boxes while trying to reach greater than 95% utilization, I imagine there will be more.

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