Situational Awareness Day?!

And in a blinding example of a lack of situational awareness, it was yesterday, September 26th. It was brought to my attention by Dr. Jake Mazulewicz of JMA High Reliability Strategies.

Addressing SA with the Scan and Focus model, Dr, Mazulewicz’s approach intrigued me with its operational applications. While many SA models may be effective in an academic environment or with a targeted audience, the Scan and Focus model has applications in high risk, high consequence operational environments – exactly the environment in which mariners operate.

CHIRP Maritime and the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency have stated that 22.5% of the time, poor situational awareness has been a contributory factor maritime incidents. Loss of effective situational awareness is often due to:-

  • lack of up to date information
  • situation changing too quickly to be understood
  • new and novel problems that are not understood
  • insufficient capability and experience of those involved
  • distraction e.g. paperwork, interruptions
  • complacency
  • fatigue

What can we do to help ourselves and help our mariners?

Be Aware !!

  • “What have I missed?”- even with years of experience, good procedures and effective checklists it is possible to overlook or forget something. This is even more likely during times of stress, emergency or unusual conditions. You should have a competent team around you – use them. It’s good teamwork and good for safety for EVERYONE.

How Technical Teams Can Improve Situational Awareness with the Scan & Focus Model

SA : Scan and Focus : Seeing Bad Things Coming…

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